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Legislation No. 0213-13: Relating to Resources and Development and
Budget and Finance; Declaring its Official Intent to Reimburse Itself with
the Proceeds of the General Obligation Bonds And/Or the Draw-Down
General Obligation Bonds in One or More Series in the Aggregate Total
Amount of up to Two Hundred Twenty Million Dollars $220,000,000) to
Refund Certain Outstanding Bank Indebtedness and to Finance Economic
Development and Infrastructure Projects in Two Components: A) $100
Million in General Obligation Bonds (In the Form of Long-Term Fixed
Rate Bonds to be Sold to Institutional Investors) and B) Up to $120 Million
in Draw-Down General Obligation Bonds (In the Form of a Bank Loan(s)
that can be Drawn on as Needed to Fund Approved Projects) and Subject to Completion of Independent Credit Review and Approval Process Prior to
the Funding of Any Economic Development  Sponsors: Honorable Katherine Benally, Honorable Leonard Pete, Honorable Joshua Lavar Butler, Honorable George Apachito,
Honorable Walter Phelps, Honorable Mel R. Begay, Honorable
Jonathan L. Hale, Honorable Charles Damon II, Honorable Johnny

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