“We cannot have president wobbling on this.”

Navajo council Resources & Development Committee continues debate over $4.1 million for Navajo Transitional Energy Company:

What counting on was taxes and if BHP continues as owner for next three years then feds and state continue taxing and tribe won’t realize funds to buy coal mine. But that was explanation given.
Also need to actually see what Arizona Corporation Commission decided. Did they actually dismiss case?
The other one is the insistence upon indemnification and seems to be coming from BHP lawyers. They knew what they were getting into and shouldn’t bring later on. We talked at length about this before.
And also don’t know when Reserves used as loan. If property of Navajo Nation then why are we messing with as loan but do as grant.
I don’t understand your presentatin about how Investment Committee cannot give them any money cuz of policy. Wud b nice if u give us copy of policy.
And then I don’t know where president stands on this. Recently saw joint press release by prez and speaker after prez expressed doubt about this venture.
We can not have prez wobbling on this. We made decision, financial pple loking at us. It’s just what read in another press release that went back on feral horse position since Delegate Mark Maryboy announced presidency.
Causes pple to lok at Navajo govt as wishy washy rathen then him getting pressure.
With this, I want strong statement from prez.

ACC decision final
Once Navajo signs purchase agreement for BHP coal mine, then Navajo owners so federal and state taxes would be waived.
Indemnification: On Friday, consultants said almost zero possibilities over environmental problems. But two postions, by creating NTEC which are experts and any wiaver of liability, NTEC decide. But other determination that BHP wants considered is that waivers go to Council. So matter of who – Council or NTEC. And that is what is on the table as we speak.
LOAN: Council has done loan or grant to Navajo Oil & Gas and Navajo Agricultural Products Industry. Long before my time.
INVESTMENT COMMITTEE has not said yes or no and that is tied to fuel agreement so know how much money coming in and actual ownership of mine. We don’t own mine. Have high hopes. But deadline is what NTEC needs to determine. But NTEC incurring travel costs and other fees. Not Investment Committee saying not but need those two first before invest. If happens and with amortization then allows
PREZ: I got very frustrated with prez saying he not support and ripple effect on owners. It did have ripple effect. We need to be on same page. Prez said he would support $4.1 million but conditions. You have item on agenda today, Energy Policy. He wants that Energy Policy passed and Desert Rock revived. As he put it in press conference, when this $4.1 million comes ot me and it’s here, I want to see in other hand, my Energy Policy approved by Council. If not in place then this not happen. He said room full of miners and some media pple. We talked about politics. He supports $4.1 m but want Energy Policy. As reported by reporters, it was an ultimatum.
We now have budget forms.

Hate to see NTEC become like Dine’ Power where poured money, money into and amounted to nothing.

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