US draft of UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights lacks teeth to combat Violence Against Indigenous Women

Here at Navajo Council Naabik’iyati Committee’s Subcommittee on Sacred Sites, which is meeting in the north conference room of the Council chamber in Window Rock, Ariz. The Subcommittee is on a conference call with the US Department of State “pertaining to strategic plans and collaborated recommendations from Navajo Nation delegation to meeting called by the UN President of General Assembly.”

the psotions we have heard consistent and speaking with one voice. President went to Indian Country a month ago, to Standing Rock rez, and reaffirmed and reenergized president’s committeement to Indian country so this is appropriate discussion. we were late to table for Rights of Indigenous Pple but we wud luv to be part of solution in moving rights of indigenous people.

Questions on 169 and that antiquated treaty. is it a little bit out of date and not where we want to be.

question about ILO, bit out of date but substantially advanced compared to other countries so to suppport ratification is step foward and helped pple in Central and South Am. I think particular shortcoming in draft, which is something more concrete to combat Violence against Indigeous women which is only “urging” special rappateur to study and more needs to be done and recommended by US.

I also noticed that the questoin of land demarcation, land rights recognition is given considerable attn but in section of douement limited to actions by states individullly. the ned for actioin and not given much prominence at international level is take action at international level to recognize indigeous land rights. effort to pool efforts at national level and good but needs to be at international level. needing commitment by states at international level is meaningless, not singling out US, but giving attn to individual states is nice to hear and that’s all.

it wud bring political attn and will and help at World Conference is Prez Obama participate, make statement, be present, reaffirm poltical will and rights of indigenous people which wud give courage to states to do what is right.

also say that options regarding mechanisims interesting and shud be considered, the entirely new ssystem for UN concerning participation and status but unclear is chanhge NGO sand new status for indgenous people. we are concerned about participation about indegnous nations, not individuals. but welcome and glad considering. end here for now.

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