Naabik’iyati Committee Subcommittee on Sacred Sites

here at Naabik’iyati Committee Subcommittee on Sacred Sites
Leonard Gorman, members of elected body, Jonathan Hale, Dwight Witherspoon, Elmer Begay.

Navajo Nation has been involved in development of document and made recommendations regarding rights of indigenous women, protection of sacred sites.

Paragraph 26 touches on sacred sites and other paragraphs touch on implementation – US mentioned in introduction that concentrating on sacred sites implementation since there is “luminous” amount of politices.

There needs to be specific actions identified in document regarding Participation. there are a number of indigenous nations expecially in US so wat is US recommendations for recognition of Navajo Nation membership in UN.

Lastly, paragraph 26, sacred sites, recognizes protection but what is US perspective on that paragraph regarding indigenous nations?

Navajo Nation interested in preesrvation and protetion of sacred sites and advocacy in NM and Arizona and want this discussion on national level for recognition of Navajo Nation as indigenous nation at UN.

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