Unhealthy range land cuz no enforcement

Agree with Delegate Leonard Tsosie. more pple on grazing permits. and need enforcement of laws and maybe new laws. But no enforcement today. if report feral horses on road, nothing gets done cuz elected grazing and farm board officials are related to pple holding livestock/grazing permit.

Our pple are claiming land as their’s based on grazing permit. But that is problem. And remember former Delegate Irvin Keeswood saying that grazing/livestock permit is not right ot land, not landownership and can’t use to stop economic development such as proposed Desert Rock coal fired generating station. Navajo rez belongs to all the pple.

I hope new grazing law in place before this council’s term ends. but it’s about enforcement of current laws. but how do we enforce all these laws. not about poor management, its about enforcement.

can see form Newcomb to Sheep Springs about 100 horses and that land is ruined. It’s a dust bowl. We have a lot of grazing permits out there but pple have no livestock. and we have pple out there that want cattle and that are next to grazing permit area where no livestock.

Huerfano, all that trust land is for grazing but prime opportunity for economic development. So need division of economic development working with dept of ag on grazing act otherwise if only dept of ag then no inclusion of economic development.

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