Grazing Act/Rangeland Improvement Act work in progress

RESOURCES & DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE VICE CHAIRPERSON SMITH We are trying to create legislation that can be properly presented to Council. DEPARTMENT OF AG EXTENSION AGENT RAY CASTILLO When i was talking about elected officials and 24 not working, i was referring to one grazing official who has served numerous terms that add up to about […]

Grazing Act political death

DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE WATCHMAN My brother says dept of ag has no guts. but dept of ag recommended to Resources & Development Committee to withdraw all grazing permits and start anew. RDC has that power. But RDC said it wanted to do that through legislation and this proposed Rangeland Improvement Act is to provide justification […]

Unhealthy range land cuz no enforcement

Agree with Delegate Leonard Tsosie. more pple on grazing permits. and need enforcement of laws and maybe new laws. But no enforcement today. if report feral horses on road, nothing gets done cuz elected grazing and farm board officials are related to pple holding livestock/grazing permit. Our pple are claiming land as their’s based on […]

Navajo Nation Grazing Act or Rangeland Improvement Act?

NAVAJO NATION COUNCIL’S RESOURCES & DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE CONVENES IN THE COUNCIL CHAMBER, WINDOW ROCK, ARZ. RDC VICE CHAIRPERSON ROSCOE SMITH ASKS IF COMMITTEE MEMBERS HAVE ANNOUCEMENTS: DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE Many of the chapters, housing and other public facilities were constructed in flood plains. Ned report on flooding. Mention that RDC was government entity that demanded […]