The return of assistants for each Navajo Council delegate?

The Navajo Council is now on Legislation 0272-14, which is the Council to appropriate $541,946 for Navajo Nation Office of Legislative Services/Legislative District Assistants Program.

Click on Navajo Nation Council agenda to view agenda that was adopted by the Council for their special session today.

i think the new way to become a Council delegate is to be an LGA. They found out how Council/Legislative Branch works and then they ran against their delegate. And some of them won. This is a waste of more than $400,000. Some of them just walked around with cell phones to their ears. But people need windmills at Many Farms. And when President Shelly vetoed funding for LGAs, there is no assurance that he won’t veto again. So perhaps the other way is for increase legislative staff instead of having Delegates hire their own assistant.

I worked closely with my LGA and he worked closely with the chapters. He also helped write proposals. And so it depends on how a delegate works with their LGA.

position for LGAs is budgeted for new administration/Council that comes in. My LGAS worked closely with two chapters i represented and her work was for the chapters best interest. the position is based on qualifications, interest.

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