Navajo Council approves funding for their assistants and Legislative Services Center

The Navajo Council is now on Legislation 0272-14, which is the Council to appropriate $541,946 for Navajo Nation Office of Legislative Services/Legislative District Assistants Program.

Click on Navajo Nation Council agenda to view agenda that was adopted by the Council for their special session today.

looking at this budget, if approved, how much would be spent, especially since budget from Oct. 1, 2014, to Sept. 30, 2015, for 24 Council assistants. Legislative Service Centers funding is based on getting positions filled. And I also requested for additional legislative staff and my request went no where. If we are saying, we are not allowing riders, then we should go through process, which i am doing. I don’t support this legislation because the Budget & Finance Committee added a rider by putting in funding for Legislative Service Centers.

COUNCIL VOTE ON 0272-14, AT 3:15 PM
13 in favor, 5 opposed

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