Navajo language fluency legislation deferred due to conflict of interest

The Navajo Council’s Law & Order Committee is now on Legislation 0289-14, an Act relating to Law & Order, Naabik’iyati, and the Navajo Nation Council; amending Language fluency requirements of the election code at Title 11, section 8(A)(4) (Office of the President/Vice President), section 8(B)(8) (Office of Council Delegate), 8(D)(1)(f), section 8(D0(2)(c) (Land Board), and […]

U.S. Justice Department releases 2nd Indian Country Investigations & Prosecutions report The following is an analysis by the Navajo Nation Washington, D.C. Office of the USDOJ Second Report on Federal Investigations and Prosecutions in Indian Country that was released on Aug. 26, 2014. • The U.S. Department of Justice has released its Second Report to Congress on Indian Country Investigations and Prosecutions. The report has […]