Nihigaal Bee Iina, a 200-mile prayer walk to Tsoodzil

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, Here on Navajo land, we have been blessed with moisture/snow/rain, which have dropped temperatures. But that has not deterred Nihígaal bee Iiná, a group of magnificent young Navajo adults from walking from the northern of the Navajo Reservation to the Eastern part to make traditional Navajo prayers and offerings to Mother Earth, Fire, […]

Oil and Gas Drillers Hid Identities

A fellow journalist, Kathy Helms wrote the following news article, which deserves the public’s attention regarding the destructive practice of fracking. According to Navajo Nation Council Delegate Leonard Tsosie, who represents the eastern portion of the Navajo Nation, which is in New Mexico, fracking is already occuring near Navajo Reservation lands that are next to […]