“Support and Encouragement” from Dine’ traditional healer/counselor

Photo is of “Home of the hero twins, Monster Slayer and Born of the Water” and was provided by Dine’ traditional healer/counselor Wilson De Vore Jr. of Crownpoint, New Mexico, who offered the following “Support and Encouragement” during these grim times:

“It is here that they were born and prepared for the coming conflict with monster’s on behalf of the people. From these stories, we learn that, in each of us there are hero twins that are designed to overcome. They taught us to be courageous with our mindset, care for our bodies and to place spiritual support ahead of ourselves in times of adversity.

· [EAST] – Nourish your mind with positive thoughts beginning each day with envisioning health, happiness and prosperity. [Prayer, Meditation and Connection with others]

· [SOUTH] – Exercise your body, movement of the extremities has an impact of the circulatory system. The old people use to say, “if you become stagnate, the enemy will overcome your being” This exercise can be done in simple routine of everyday life.

· [WEST] – Breathe deep the precious air we share as the five fingered. In this time, it would be a common theme for people to smudge themselves with cedar, mountain smoke or any other spiritual cleanse. Take care of the family and home as you continue your routine with cautionary measures.

· [NORTH] – With creator on your side, who can be against you. Remembering to do daily prayers, meditation, and making connection with your environment.

Go forward in peace, Love and Light.”

Wilson De Vore Jr. – Traditional Healer/Counselor

US Department of Health and Human Services

USPHS Crownpoint Healthcare Facility

Traditional Native Medicine Program

P. O. Box 358

Crownpoint, New Mexico 87313.

Phone: (505) 786-2540

Fax: (505) 786-2519

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