Speaker Bates: Quarterly report

Navajo Council votes to hear from Delegates on SPEAKER’S REPORT without having Speaker Bates present his report verbally. Copies of Speaker’s written report are distributed to Delegates.

DELEGATE AMBER CROTTY need more info on Navajo Indian Irrigation Project. And election office does ppor job of registering and re-registering voters, how get absentee ballots to military serving abroad and in urban areas. we shud have strong turnout expecily with San Juan County, Utah. I want to also talk about training for voter registra. i connected myself and dispointed when realized speaking with direction who could not answer questions. and any discussion of moving programs such as Office of Ethics and Rules, Auditor General and Government Development, out from Office of Speaker. and Supreme Court did not entertain Window Rock School District lawsuit which was WR asserting Navajo employment laws not apply to them. Thank Utah Commissioners on Beaars Ears awareness. I think at some point, Navajo pple give more guidance on Navajo Government Development. Saturdays may not be ideal time for delegates. To put in report is not appropriate for that office, page 18. other recommendation is ask Navajo pple how can pple lead discussion. it’s the people that have the power.

DELEGATE DAVIS FILFRED like know more about whether have lobbyist in Utah.

DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE says land exchange, look at Alamo chapter boundary and so dk what complaint about. Earlier DELEGATE NORMAN BEGAY questioned why Alamo chapter not involved in land exchange.

TSOSIE says land exchange was open for comment but no one lifted a pen. if u look at map, it benefits 20 chapters in eastern agency. if recall, land consolidation act calls for these kinds of land exchanges in eastern agency. that is all what doing. and president begaye following that. for first time had cooperative land commissioner. nothing to do with Leonard Tsosie going out there and taking land from Alamo chapter. other thing too when we do these kinds of meetings, pro temp chair SEth Damon and Council, we need to go forward. we have to shorten everyone’s time. took most of time with introductions, announcements, acknowledgements. there are important issues and we have to tackle. and recent snow insufficient and need to get ready for drought. speaker’s office might get plan together. we did in expenditure plan when did insurance thing and money coming forth for it and calls for drought plan cuz severe drought this summer coming.

DELEGTE EDMUND YAZZIE says smart of countil to buy insurance regarding drought. hopefully, Chief Legislative Counsel Levon Henry and staff put drought plan together by tomorrow. And to ALAMO DELEGATE NORMAN BEGAY, welcome to group cuz that is what happened with Fort Wingate Land Exchange which gave away land to Zuni Tribe and those lands included Navajo burial sites.

DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE questions NM Task Force cuz its subverting some of responsibilities of some oversight committees.



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