RECAP of Navajo Energy Summit – We have lot of challenges.

Here at Navajo Division of Natural Resources Energy Summit at Twin Arrows Casino and Resort. Aug. 20 and 21, Navajo GIS Summit. The final presentation is NDNR Director Fred White who is scheduled to do RECAP of the Two Day session, Moving the Navajo Nation forward on Energy and its Natural Resources.

Good to see you all her and recognize Vangie Thomas. Recognize Clara Pratt, Navajo Washington, D.C., Office. Also had Navajo Division of Economic Development Director Albert Damon. Also recognize our sponsors, Peabody included.

my thots really simple. For two past days, has many strengths and number one is people, lot of professionals in finance, engineering. we do have limitations, such as communications, communicating among selves, with communities, unclear on goals and vision, maybe better way to deal with energy planning.

but have oppourtunities if do some thinking, shift paradyms. obviously threats as nation and family and individuals.

from 1921 first lease with oil company to today, gone thru several years real fast, know unfairness, equitable agreements.

but wat do now? how move forward to next 100 years. when started we talked about need for common vision, put clarity to it but have to have common vision. secondly i talked about importance of forming team players, locally, centrally, regionally, outside – non profits.

we have lot of challenges cuz not perfect, we are humans. we cry, get emotional. but look where at today. 2014, we are still strong nation and proud of that. so now where do we go? with fact pressure coming down on negative impacts from power plants, coal, retrofitting costing millions of dollars. in next year, revenue producing engines cut in half.

in 1921, we signed dotted line and not equitable and not fair. since 50s, 60s, 70s had coal mines, transmission lines and we signed dotted lines. farmers along rivers benefited.

wat do now for future? we have to make sure we work together, discuss issues, work thru them, re-position ourselves to adapt to different paradym cuz Mother Earth created to sustain Navajo people, we are great people, we are blessed so how handle future.

this was first summit and what are next steps. wat are our next steps. you are all leaders. that is my challenge. god bless all of you in your travels and to your families.

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