People say we live in 2 worlds, but 1 world for today’s youth


TRISTIN MOORE: yes, we need to go to our elders but they may not know what it is that we are going thru especially now. We don’t we live in two worlds, we live in one world. We have Apache Skateboarder Douglas Miles who indigenizes himself with his art. But did our elders understand that when they did their art? And many of my elders have passed away. I came from broken home. And there are rude connotations that are hurtful.

YOUNG WOMAN: it has to be movement of youth and elders. We need to understand how to reconnect with elders.

GRAHAM BEYALE, NORTHERN DINE’ YOUTH, SHIPROCK YOUTH LEADER: It was cool yesterday of photo of young woman how to weave sash belts and caption was about not seeing daily a youth teaching elder. So we are capable of learning and teaching. We work for people to take pride in community and take ownership.

Council delegate from Shiprock. Things that impacted you different and the way you raised very different. You have five minutes to read 300 pages and take out portions that are questionable and dangerous. I’ve probably made most amendments. When we understand what means to be nation is when you begin to conceptualize your role. Thank you. I enjoy listening to pple and I gather information and I enjoy research. I enjoy pple like you that I depend on for research. I’ll text them from Council floor and ask to do research for me.

Came from Albuquerque, and I’m an activist for children, especially my children. And I’ve found that our children are really losing their identity, history, clanship.

YOUTH OUTREACH ORGANIZER from Dine’ CARE: came to see what going on and happy to see so many here and hope to see this spread across the Navajo Reservation.

CHAPTER VICE PRESIDENT JONATHAN PERRY: heard on FaceBook and I do lot of work with youth and I wanted to help them network. I do lot of anti-uranium work.

STUDENT AT DINE COLLEGE: I really feel that Dine way to go. We shud go as family, not nation. And address each other by clan with Navajo terms of endearment.

FORMER POLICY ANALYST WITH DINE COLLEGE: Left work to address isues, such as uranium and coal. We really are sacrifice zone. We have gotten caught up in economnics. But what is going on with our families. We are at juncture of healing and it’s also happening globally. I believe the time is now and happy to see so many pple involved.

NAVAJO MAN: The land is scared. My relatives are here.

GEORGIA GUITAR PICKER: Came on Greyhound bus and it was horrendous. I’m clanless. It’s great to be here and listen to youth. Youth back home are not interested in their sacred duty and it is a sacred duty and the youth here understand that.

COLLEGE FRESHMAN Look forward to getting degree and making positive changes.

OAK SPRINGS NORTH OF RED ROCK YOUTH Came to see what is happening.

JULIAN NOSECAT originally from Canada, drove from Santa Fe, sister attends high school in Santa Fe. good to be here.

NAVAJO YOUTH FEMALE interested in government and policy. attended Shiprock chapter meeting was really enlightening and hearing perspectives from youth here is helping me develop a direction.

SHIPROCK YOUTH ATTENDING COLLEGE IN NEW YORK trying to learn about my culture. I didn’t get it from family. I’m also interested in reconciliation.

MAYOR’S TEAM ADVISORY COUNCIL, NM ARTS COUNCIL came to see what this is about.

NAVAJO YOUTH, FEMALE came out of curiosity

PINON YOUTH LIVING IN SHIPROCK part of Dooda Fracking organization and on FaceBook. there are a bunch of concerned youth. We are also working on movie. And does anyone know about fracking on Navajo Reservation in Utah.

NORMAN PATRICK BROWN co founder of Dine’ Bidzill. Orginally from Canyon de Chelly. I was invited by Trinston. Shiprock has always been one of greatest places for me. I worked with elders on diabetes. Activism started with Navajo man from here, fred Johnson. He organized thousands in 1970s and I was 17 when part of protests against Farmington. As little boy, I saw him leading hundreds of cars, ten miles long, and I was amazed. So I decided to wear handband in his honor. He said this government is not our’s. I’m also filmmaker and producer. Look on line for Rainbow Boy. The future is your’s. You have to determine your future and this is a great start. I offer my services. I’ve been to all chapters twice in my life. I’m really proud to be here.

FRUITLAND, NM, YOUTH/FEMALE founder of Celebrate Life, instruct people of gender/diversity. Like to hear from youth.

after LUNCH, break into smaller groups
over age of 30 to limit responses to 30 seconds, and have own session to participate in our forum to brainstorm ways to understand issues, summarize – pick two good points and debrief.
since we forgot to pray, Roy Kady is amazing person and everyone looks up to him.

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