No Navajo Council legislation to Remove President, Vice President, OPVP attorney
May 17, 2018 News Articles

Here at Navajo Council special session at the Council chambers in Window Rock. The Council adopted their agenda with five new items and none of the new legislation addressed the Removal of President Russell Begaye, Vice President Jonathan Nez and Office of the President and Vice President attorney Karis Begaye, who was involved in a traffic accident that was alcohol related. Karis Begaye is on indefinite administrative leave with pay and is receiving inpatient rehabilitation services. For more detailed information, pick up a copy of Friday’s Gallup Independent. I work as the Gallup Independent Dine’ Bureau news reporter.

The Council is now on LEGISLATION 0088-18:An Action Relating to Resources Committee, Budget and Finance Committee, Naabik’iyati’ Committee, and Navajo Nation Council; Approving Supplemental Funding from the Unreserved, Undesignated Fund Balance in the amount of one million, twenty one thousand, four hundred thirty one dollars ($1,021,431) to the Navajo Division of Community Development, business units 108014-108123, waiving 12 N.N.C. §§ 820 (E) and (F)
Legislation Description

LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this legislation is to a Supplemental Appropriation of 1,021,431 from the Unreserved, Undesignated Fund Balance to the Navajo Division of Community Development for the chapter stipends.

Sponsor is Otto Tso. Co-Sponsor(s) are Kee Begay Jr, Raymond Smith Jr, Seth Damon, Tuchoney Slim Jr

DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE we recently had mtg with RDC and BFC, spending 59,000 for travel. this is getting out of hand. money council appropriating to chapters not being used for services. if you think you ate appropriating money for services for people, you are kidding yourself. i don’t think any of chapters will be punishing us.

Lukachukai chapter aware of law for appropriating money and stated that chapter officials only compensated with funds approved in annual budget. chapter officials are asking that they be compensated at $35,000 annually.

over $70M unspend by chapters wo we are spending $2M on chapters so almost half of budget going to chapters for audits and other administrative matters.

some of my chapter members have told me that when they go to chapters for assistance, they are told there is no money.

DELEGATE OTTO TSO, go back two budget cycles, 2016, we got memo during budget cycle from Carl Smith to chapters, he said FY17, the Division of Community Development fund chapters for 2/3 of year cuz almost $60M unspent funds at chapters. Budget and Finance Committee didn’t know about memo and Resources & Development approved budget for 8 months. Council approved with only 3/4 quarters of funding. In order to fix, memo from Carl Smith to fund for 8 months. I walked into RDC on chapters and RDC unaware that funds for 8 months. Brenda Holgate said yes, only 8 months. RDC Filfred said need to address shortfall and here in this bill. then former Vice Chairman Jonathan Hale tried to add $1M into FY2018 and failed by two votes and why here today. I can’t speak for president bud what community development said and that is that beause chapters have up to $70M. But didn’t realilze what Delegate Steven Begay said, that cannot transfer service funds for stipend. And Delegate Tsosie’s claim that chapter officials using service funds for travel cannot be done. And Shiprock receives much longer funds for chapter official stipends. But in this term, chapter officials stipend budget in a shortfall.




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