Navajo Transitional Energy Company meeting

NTEC CEO Sam Woods making presentation:
NTEC created 2013. In December 2013, NTEC executed several agreements: coal agreement with APS for Four Corners Plant; operating agreement with BHP.

NTEC is to be reliable safe producer of coal, while diversifing the Nation’s energy resources to create economic and enviornemtnal sustainabilit for the Nvajo people.

WE ARE IN start up phase of NTEC and for next six months and that means building up organizational structure for right policis and protocols so next 25 to 30 years or number of years that we create NTEC with right tools to be sustainable for 25 years.

who are people of NTEC? seven management committee or board. first Steve Gunderson, Navajo from Big Mt and chairman of board; Tim McLaughlin, attorney from Norhous Law Firm: Peter Denetclaw, Navajo, board secretary and he worked for Navajo MIne for 7 or 8 years but now works for competitor for BHP and NTEC; Steve Grey with Los Alamos Lab; Dr. Grant Wood, Dr. Pete Jenkins is an educator and teaches Univ of Colo, Denver, chair of technical committee; and Dr. Rich Passamaneck and he hold ten diferent patents.

management team: Sam Woods, interim management committee executive, Shawn McCabe as chief financial officer and Emerald Craig, interim executive assistant. We advertised full time CEO. Board interviewed all applicants and by early next week, NTEC announce CEO.

looking for full time CFO. We are looking for ofice assistant, communications relations person, resources person and other positions.

we have shareholders representatives and Navajo Nation owns 100 percent of NTEC. Sharehold representatives are Navajo Council Delgates Lorenzo bates, Russell begay, Katherine Benally, Kenneth maryboy, Roscoe Smith.

annually from royalties, taxes, workers, revenues from contractors contribute back to Navajo Nation about $85 million…figures come from Arizona State University study.

wat are benefits of NTEC: mandate to NTEC to invest net profits for renewable energy, investments into clean coal technologies. one of greatest benefits is self determination and self sufficiency to Navajo Nation. and promotes coal as clean source of energy. NTEC aligns with Navajo Nation Energy Policy. Creates competitiveness among energy companies in Four Corners.

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