Navajo Nation Supreme Court declares lower court halt of April 21 presidential elections “null and void.”

The Navajo Nation Supreme Court decided that the Navajo Nation Window Rock District Court order to halt the April 21 special presidential election is null and void and that the April 21 election would proceed.

The Supreme Court announced its decision at about 3 p.m, today after listening to about 90 minutes of verbal arguments from the Navajo Election Administration, the Window Rock District Court and four former Navajo Election Board Supervisors. The justices deliberated for more than two hours.

On Friday, Window Rock District Judge Carol Perry granted a petition from former Navajo Election Supervisors Wallace Charley, Harry D. Brown, Norman Begay and Ruth Watson for a stay on the April 21 election.

After Perry’s decision was made, the NEA immediately filed for a Writ of Superintending Control with the tribal high court, which would uphold the Supreme Court’s prior order to the election office to hold the April 21 election superceded the lower court’s decision on Friday.

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