Navajo Human Rights seeks info on Home Depot alleged abuse of Navajo elder, 6.2.20

PRESS RELEASE – Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission seeking public help on finding Navajo Elder and witness of the Home Depot incident

St. Michaels, Navajo Nation (ARIZ) – The Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission (“Commission”) is addressing the incident at Gallup Home Depot Store No. 3514 where it is alleged that derogatory statements made toward a Native American elderly man. The Commission has been actively having conversations with Home Depot regional managers to address the issue.

Home Depot representatives have informed the Commission there is ongoing investigation. Home Depot representatives also disclosed there is a security video of the incident. The video does provide several person at the scene of the incident but unable to identify the elder and the person that wrote the Facebook report.

The Commission would like to locate and hear from the elderly man who was at Gallup Home Depot store and the individual who intervened on behalf of the elderly man. The intervene​r is supposedly the author of the Facebook report. Without statements from the elderly individual and from the person who intervened, the Commission cannot confirm there was no derogatory remarks being stated by the Home Depot employee(s). If you have information about who the elder and interveners are, or any questions or concerns please contact the Commission at their temporary number at 505-488-3189.

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