Navajo Council Resources & Development Committee chairperson begs Council not to defer uranium subcommittee legislation back to RDC

The Navajo Council is now on 91-14, which is to rescind and null the RDC’s creation of uranium subcommittee.

Subcommittee is illegal. To send to RDC is ploy to keep away from Coun cil which has ultimate authority over this issue. Navajo people are waiting for Council to make a decison and they won’t appreciate antics we play here on council floor. the ploy to send 91-14 back to the RDC
I have had enough of the antics played on the floor. if arguments strong then put on council floor and we’ll vote yes or no. simple as that. wat more can be said. don’t send this back to RDC. Let’s keep it here.

I plead with you to not send this back to RDC. While the deal is good for land swap, i am totally against any uranium development because of uranium mining in 50s in Dennehotso and what it can do.
I can excuse what uranium industry did to land and people. You come to Dennehotso and there are not many men from between the ages of 60 and 90 years.
in most instances i will fight tooth and nail for legislative process and in this instance i believe 91-14 is properly before the council.

thank delegate yazzie for bringing 91-14 to council. I want to also state that for many of my relatives, elders and former uranium mining workers have passed and continue to pass. Shonto Chapter has taken position opposing uranium mining so i hope council supports 91-14. people have come here also to support 91-14. they have come from all regions to present their opposition to RDC subcommittee.

We finally got Washington, DC, to clean up the Skyline Uranium Mine. It affects Shonto and other communities in the Utah portion of the reservation. this is not just a new mexico navajo reservation issue, it is a navajo reservation issue. by nullifing 91-14, we are saying no to any uranium mining, milling, exploration on reservation. stand steadfast and say no more. saying yes to 91-14 would solidify sovereignty of navajo nation. and i especially thank our young people for speaking out.

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