Navajo Council proposed agenda and legislation

Click on Navajo Nation Council proposed winter session agenda to see proposed agenda which becomes official after the Council votes on it and adopts it.

The two pieces of legislation that Delegate Alton Shepherd is sponsoring regarding the Council removal of Delegate Johnny Naize and the Council’s appointment of a new Speaker are Items (C) and (O) but the Council, during its first day, amends its agenda, which includes moving agenda items in a different chronological order AND removing items from the agenda. The Council does this by simple majority vote. Once the Council approves its agenda, individuals Delegates may amend it but it would take a 2/3 vote.

Click on PROPOSED LEGISLATION and you will be taken to a website where ALL the proposed legislation for the Council during their winter session is located.

The Council is still making announcements and introductions. Navajo Nation Vice President Rex Lee Jim just entered the Council chamber and everyone is standing as he walks in with his followers.

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