Navajo Council lost Quorum

It’s 3:41 pm, Jan. 27, and it’s the first day of the Navajo Council winter session.

The day started with what one could term a gospel revival…very interesting. I’ll post my video of revival which also included a huge Thank You from Christian leaders for wonderful work of Speaker Naize and Council.

After the revival, the Council adopted their agenda and then went to Reports, which began with State of Nation Address from Shelly-Jim Administration. Council has lot of questions about Shelly-Jim report and Vice President Rex Lee Jim, who made the report, tried answering but at the urging of the Council, Jim had to call on Chief of Staff Mitchell and Division of Economic Development Director Damon to help him answer questions.

It’s been about 45 minutes since Council voted 16 in favor, 1 opposed to accept State of Nation Address. Speaker Naize called for a five minute break that lasted for more than five minutes and so when he called for Council to re-convene, ten delegates showed up. Council needs 13 Delegates for quorum.

And even though there’s no quorum, Speaker Naize is allowing different officials to make reports to the Council. The first one is Sheriff Dedman.

I’m heading home to download video and still photos that I took. I’ll try to post as soon as possible. And I’ll be back tomorrow for second day of Council. Peace Out!

Interesting, as I’m packing up, Delegate Jonathan Hale said that there’s move on Navajo Reservation to legalize medical marijuna. And now another Delegate, I didn’t get name, is saying that even though Arizona legalized medical marijuna that very people are using it for pain medication. Interesting…

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