Navajo Council deletes legislation to return disqualified presidential candidate to ballot

The Navajo Council continues to debate Legislation No. 0240-14: Relating to Health, Education and Human Services Committee, Naabik’iyati’ Committee and Navajo Nation Council; Confirming Tommy Lewis, Jr., the Superintendent of Schools of the Department of Dine Education
SPONSOR: Honorable Jonathan L. Hale

By the way I just saw an email about proposed Council Legislation 0301-140301-14, An Action Relating To An Emergency; To Address A Matter Which Will Disenfranchise Navajo Voters And Directly Threatens The Sovereignty Of The Navajo Nation; Amending The Navajo Nation Election Code Pertaining To Election Challenges And Appeals. Bascially, 0301-14 was another attempt to return disqualified Navajo Nation presidential candidate Chris Deschene to the special election for the presidential race. Legislation 0301-14 was removed from the Council’s agenda, after its sponsor, Delegate Leonard Tsosie, asked the Council to remove it from their agenda.

Click on Navajo Nation Council agenda to view agenda that was adopted by the Council for their special session today.

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