Navajo Council Delegate Leonard Tsosie withdraws amendment to delete funding for Farm Boards

Naabi is having a very lengthy debate on Legislation 0373-14 An Action Relating to Resources and Development Committee; Budget and Finance Committee; Naa’bik’iyati’ Committee and the Navajo Nation Council; Approving Supplemental Funding from the Unreserved, Undesignated Fund Balance in the Total Amount of $1,559,250, to be Distributed in the Amounts of $877,500 to District Grazing Officials, $483,750 to Farm Boards and $198,000 to the Eastern Navajo Land Board for Operating Expenses and Attending Planning and Regular Chapter Meetings

where has Navajo Council’s Resources & Development Committee member Leonard Tsosie been for past four years? Our Farm Board obtained a $10,000 grant and works with non-profits.

This funding is to provide information to elders during chapter meetings. I would like to see that Land Board, Grazing Officials, Farm Boards give written reports and often I don’t see that.

I oppose this Amendment to delete compensation for Farm Boards.

I don’t support Delegate Leonard Tsosie’s Amendment and I ask him to withdraw his Amendment. We should really give ourselves time to understand these elected officials that address land issues and why we haven’t seen any productive plans from them. But it is there when they meet. Let’s help them grow those ideas at the community level instead of forwarding those ideas to Window Rock because they need the support of Window Rock. But Window Rock bottle necks those ideas. Red Willow is in my area and they have money idling here in Window Rock. But if we would give it a little more attention, they would move along and there would evidence of their work. But we failed them by not developing policy for their idea to flourish. This Amendment will deter those dreams.

i leave it up this Committee and Council to throw away money. Over 80 percent of Land Use Permits idling. About 30 percent of more than 7,000 acres of Navajo Reservation land is not in use. I asked Farm Board, what have you done? On water rights, if you look at what submitted, not one plan came from Farm Board. And we have San Juan River dispute on boundary because no farms are being used. if Farm Board so active, they would be out there protecting that line so federal government is changing boundary on us. I have not seen one Farmers’ Market. No one advocating for Navajo Agricultural Products Industry II in Arizona to use Colorado River. I understand these are your constituents and that you feel strongly about them. But they don’t do much and they just blame Window Rock. There are no backyard farming, water catchment systems. I’d like to sit down with the Farm Boards and look at their numbers. Based on Delegate Mel Begay, I’ll withdraw Amendment and ask Delegate Lorenzo Curley to withdraw also.

NAABI goes back to main motion.

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