Naabi loses quorum

At 5:55 pm, Speaker Naize announces that “we” got 13 signatures for a Special Council Session on Oct. 16 and so the Council will be meeting.

Speaker makes his announcement after one of the delegates comments that Naabi has lost a quorum of 13 members. Staff check conferences rooms and when no more delegates are located, delegates begin leaving the meeting.

One of delegates makes a motion to adjourn but Speaker Naize says that he cannot accept the motion because there is no quorum and so Naabi cannot adjourn.

Delegates are slowing leaving Council chamber at 6 p.m.

I voice recorded Naabi discussion on Energy Policy and will download and post as soon as I get home. i haen’t eaten all day. I thoughth I brought food but only snacks. 🙂 And it was really snowing a few minutes ago so roads probably getting icy.

Peace Out! It was too real…

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