Naabi Committee nominating Speaker Pro Temp for legislation to remove Naize as Speaker

Naabik’iyati Committee is now on legislation to remove Naize as speaker. Speaker Naize named Delegate Mel Begay to be Speaker Pro Temp but then Delegate Begay is told that Legislative Counsel has important advice.

members of Naabi committee, sectoin 700 B provides that when chairperson of committee absent that members vote on pro temp to chair meeting instead of chairperson delegating person to be pro temp. And so Naabi Committee should appoint Speaker Pro Temp.

Motion by Lorenzo Bates, seconded by Katherine Benally to nominate Delegate Mel Begay
Delegate Leonard Tsosie nominates Delegate Jonathan Hale and Delegate Witherspoon seconds.
Delegate Phelps and Butler motion for nominations to be closed.

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