Mural of First Nations Women Bound and Gagged Sparks Outrage –

Indigenous women are outraged by a painting that was prominently displayed during a British Columbia town’s ‘Hospitality Days.’

Source: Mural of First Nations Women Bound and Gagged Sparks Outrage –

PATTY MUSGRAVE – The painting that made me the sickest was depicting two Mi’kmaq women, ankles and hands bound and mouths covered. Yes, I am aware of the sickening “legend” of the Phantom Ship and unlike most of New Brunswick, understand the history of this coastal area and the rapes and most likely murders of Mi’kmaq women that took place with each ship arriving in the bay. Murders. These women are now our Ancestors. They were degraded and used and abused and left for dead over the side of ships. Ripped from their families and for the most part, never to be seen again.

Were you aware that still happens today? Were you aware of the social media hashtag #MMIW? It stands for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. Were you aware or do you even acknowledge that there are approximately 1800 missing and/or murdered women across this country as we speak? Were you aware that a National Inquiry is one of the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee? Do you know what the TRC is? Do you understand what it all means? Have you heard of Sisters in Spirit? Do you know that each October 4th NATIONALLY we hold vigils to honour our Missing and Murdered sisters…including those who died centuries ago. Because it is STILL happening Mayor, Council and Committee. Please feel free to seenwac.cato educate yourselves.



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