Legislation on Naabik’iyati Committee 3-27-14 agenda

Here at Naabik’iyati Committee meeting. The committee is hearing a report from Theresa Becenti-Aguilar, NM Public Regulations Commissioner regarding Telecommunications issues and additional information along with Utah and Arizona Regulatory Commissioners.

As Becenti-Aguilar makes her report, I’ll start posting the Legislation that is on the Naabi agenda.

a. Legislation 0058-14: Supporting the coalition of Navajo Department of Transportation and the 14 state counties in Navajo Nation to work together for the improvement of the Federal Transportation Policy and Navajo Nation Transportation Infrastructure.
b. Legislation 0059-14: urging the Apache County Board of Supervisors, the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control, the Arizona State Liquor Board and any other appropriate agencies to reject renewal of the Liquor License for Ole Red Barn Liquor by Gary McDonald in Sanders Arizona.
c. Legislation 0062-14: Appointing Levon B. Henry as Chief Legislative Counsel.
d. Legislation 0069-14: Removing Johnny Naize as Speaker of the Navajo Nation Council.
e. Legislation 0073-14: authorizing the submittal of one or more applications to the US Department of Agriculture to have one or more regions on the Navajo Nation selected as Promise Zones including but not limited to the Former Bennett Freeze Area and the Navajo Partitioned Lands which such applications shall be completed through a collaborative effort between various Navajo Nation Departments, agencies, community development corporations and other entities in partnership with local governments such as Coconino County and Navajo County and other federal, state and local governments, agencies, businesses, educational institutions and other appropriate entities.
f. Legislation 0078-14: Opposing the use of disparaging references to Native people in professional sports franchises.
g. Legislation 0070-14: respectfully requesting support of the Native Language Immersions Student Achievement Act.
h. Legislation 0072-140072-14: supporting HB 2559, a bill introduced in the Arizona State legislature entitled, “An Act making an Appropriation to the Department of Economic Security for Distribution to the Navajo Nation for the construction of a court complex.”

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