International Uranium Film Festival in Navajo language

Here’s some information on International Uranium Film Festival that is for our Navajo speaking audience! Yay!
Please click on the link below to listen to the event in Navajo language:

Ya’ateeh !!!!

Please, Please come join us at the NN Museum, Window Rock, AZ my dear friends… Listen out for our radio announcement on the air in the Dine Language.

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International Uranium Film Festival (IUFF)
Dec 2, 3 & 4, 2013
Window Rock, AZ


The International URANIUM Film Festival will be held in the homelands of Indigenous communities “sacrificed” by the United States to produce uranium for bombs of World War II and the Cold War. Although the Navajo Nation has a moratorium halting new uranium production there are nearby uranium mining and milling facilities and local transport of radioactive materials happening today and more being proposed as the push for nuclear energy development continues, despite the dangers shown to us by Chernobyl and Church Rock.

The two and a half days of the event are free and open to the public for educational purposes. The IUFF highlights over 40 films from 15 countries, which explore not only this radioactive element “uranium”, but also the nuclear industry and the resulting effects on local communities as well. These are documentaries, experimental and animated films, comedies, fiction and science fiction films.

The Festival will make its way from Albuquerque (Nov. 27-28) to Santa Fe (Nov. 30-Dec. 1), Window Rock, Arizona and finally to Washington D.C. and New York City in early 2014 The third IUFF took place at the Museum of Modern Art (MAM) in Rio de Janeiro in May 2013. This is the world’s only
traveling festival devoted to the entire Nuclear Fuel Chain, from uranium mining to uranium tailings and nuclear waste, from Hiroshima to Fukushima and Fallujah.

Founder of IUFF Norbert G. Suchanek of Germany (living in Brazil), will be present with Executive Director, Marcia Gomes de Oliveira of Brazil along with producers and directors of the films. The 3 screenings are organized by a diverse group of volunteers working to bring films to the wide screen.

As these films are playing in the Theatre of the Navajo Nation Museum, there will be several organizations coming together to dialogue about the uranium legacy issues still plaguing the Navajo Nation as new uranium mining permit applications threaten nearby communities and Sacred Sites. Community groups, residents and allies will meet for the two and a half days at the museum and in the local area. If you cannot join us in person, please join us online via during selected hours of the event. Workshops, presentations, and streaming schedule will be posted on facebook.

Native tee-shirt silk-screen printers will be on site for those who want to purchase or print souvenir tees to commemorate this special event, taking place exactly seven after the historical Indigenous World Uranium Summit was held in the same location in 2006.

Special Thanks to all the sponsors and contributors: Diné Bidziil, the International Uranium Film Festival, Honor the Earth, Indigenous Environmental Network, Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment, Seventh Generation Fund, Sierra Club Environmental Justice Program & Front End Working Group, Western Mining Action Network and the Organizers of the event.

For more inquiries, to volunteer, to donate, or to submit workshop proposals, etc. please contact Hazel James or Leona Morgan (505-879-8547). Updates, film schedule and additional information available online at: &

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