How the Navajo Council voted on Removal of Speaker Naize

The 12 Delegates that voted to Remove Speaker Naize were:
LoRenzo Bates
Nelson BeGaye
Russell Begaye
Joshua Butler
Lorenzo Curley
Jonathan Nez
Leonard Pete
Walter Phelps
Alton Shepherd
Duane Tsinigine
Leonard Tsosie
Dwight Witherspoon

The 11 Delegates voting against Removal of Speaker Naize were:
George Apachito
Elmer Begay
Mel Begay
Katherine Benally
Charles Damon II
Jonathan Hale
Kenneth Maryboy
Danny Simpson
Roscoe Smith
David Tom
Edmund Yazzie

The removal of a delegate as speaker requires 2/3 vote of Council, which is 16 “yes” votes.

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