Delegate Shepherd: Tell our people we stand for the truth

Naabik’iyati Committee still debating Legislation 0078-14, opposing the use of disparaging references to native people in professional sports franchises.

I don’t know if disparaging? In looking at NFL Red Skin logo, it’s not the buck tooth Savage that I saw on the side of semi-trucks.

This package is well researched. I applaud Delegate Butler for time he put into research, pouring over professional journals. But I think he received help from Navajo Human Rights Office. So maybe Navajo Human Rights Office wanting to use this to get back to United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.
I first reaction when I learned about this is whether Mr. Butler take issue with Tuba City Warriors where symbols used to degrade natives. Why only Red Skins? There are organizations that use Apache, Cherokees, Navajo, Braves with tomahawk. And we never thought about as kids that these were racist symbols. Now we have N-word.
I don’t kow why Mr. Butler picked Red Skins. Maybe he’s an Eagles fan.
My Amendment wud be to strike professional and franchise and replace with teams so wud say “several sports teams” and include Tuba City Warriors, Red Mesa “Red Skins”, etc.

so is alright to prohibit one entity from using disparaging name, Red Skins, when those same names are used in our own backyard. It is one thing to ask of one entity. I’m getting texted. A student from Utah supported legislation but after meeting with others, there was understanding of use of name Ute which was made through agreement and Ute Tribe gets financial benefit.
And so I recommend TABLE and have more research.

I’m just trying to bring up both sides of these things which is why I support public hearing.

Speaking to amendment, the intent of the legislation is towards derogatory statements from NFL Red Skins. The process of changing our own backyard will take time. And you can say this is petty but the time is to talk now. It’s also about calling ourselves Indians which is linked to Columbus discovering us. But you ask elders and we don’t call ourselves Indians or even Navajo. That is the point of this legislation. And maybe this legislation will start the change. We want to be able to say we are Dine’. So for me, I signed on this legislation cuz of derogatory term, Red Skin. People accept without really knowing what it means. I want that to be focus and the other issues regarding reservation high schools will come. Even the term Navajo is a Spanish term. Look at heading. This is start to let pple know we are here as leaders and we deal with the truth.

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