Delegate Leonard Tsosie: I preferred being the cowboy when playing cowboy and Indians

Naabik’iyati Committee continues debate on Legislation 0078-14: opposing the use of disparaging references to native people in professional sports franchises.

if you talk to elder about this, they’ll say that this is not worth discussing. that there are more important things. i can see Obama using this as feather in cap. Bigger problems out there are more important. Maybe there shud have been dialogue between people that care about this with NFL Red Skins owner Dan Synder. maybe there are benefits. it’s like ute tribe allowed use of their name. it was done with permission. and it goes to who is an Indian these days. The Cherokee Tribe says it’s largest tribe. and when i look at them, they don’t look like Delegate Curley. And their skin color is more white and I don’t know how many are Republicans. We have to look at own self identity.
reading articles and Sen. Reid said that it will be gone.
Does Navajo Nation have to be at forefront?
I’m personally not offended by word, Red Skins. During college, we called each other skins. “how’s my skin brother doing?” and at times used John wayne hello sign. I use to cheer for John Wayne and I use to prefer being the cowboy when playing cowboy and Indians.

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