Delegate J. Nez: Referendum is Empowerment


This is patchwork. Millions has been spent on Government Development Commission and this is what they brought. They were suppose to have complete Government Reform. This is really not about giving power back to people.
If people wanted to remove President shelly and Vice Prez Jim for admitting guilt, then we will create hundreds of barriers for people to jump through. And we’ll keep throwing stuff in front of them until they give up.
Let’s give power back to the people in the right way. The whole thing should be put together as Title One otherwise it’s just nice words. There is the reality of policies. At decentralization meeting, the Division of community development director leonard chee told people that decentralization was done deal and so the people need to accept it.
So let’s put together complete package.

I kow there is higher mark for referendum. I don’t know what happened to two other legislation for Initiative Process which is also for the people. This is simple enough but I think we are asking the wrong question. We need to ask pple if they want three branch government and then start changing laws governing each branch.
For me, I recognize that pple governing body but i am vehicle on how take this forward.
And how is this going to be played out? at same time what we need to do is that legislation on Initiative also needs to be addressed with this.
This referendum question is almost impossible cuz it has super majority. I feel it needs more work but if they can explain what people will be asked, then okay. otherwise leave interpretation up in the air and to everyone.

There were four legislation and this is one of them. One reduced fees for initiative. another one was lowering age of candidates for referendum and that failed. This Legislation 0369-12 is last of four.
One of things reiterate, we are reaffirming/recognizing local inherent government and power is with the people. The people delegated their power to you guys. Mr. Pete said why are we throwing back to people but this language is what federal government recommended to us regarding leases and royalities. As stated by attorney, we are trying to be self contained and self sufficient government. And I truly believe this legislation is spring board to real comprehensive government reform. The people will be involved. Do they want three branch government? You heard Prez Shelly ask if it was time to return to chairmanship.
And I’ll remind Delegate Begay that we worked with Commission and Government Reform Subcommittee. we were all on fire and that was two years ago. Now before us for our consideration.
I hear your criticism of Commission but they tried bringing government reform legislation. And we can still give orders to Commission.
This kept bouncing back and forth between Naabi and Commission so we met and burned midnight oil and came up with legislation.
So respectfully, the exisiting language before is sufficient. I believe this springboard to comprehensive government reform.
In the next term, whoever sitting here or some of us sitting here will have jump start and people excited that part of government and that had vote in government.
It’s about empowerment.,

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