Delegate Mel Begay: What is the people’s power?

Still here at Navajo council where debate continues over Council authorizing referendum for people to vote on becoming governing body of Navajo Nation once again. It’s 6:08 pm

It was Convention in 2000 that these ideas were born. I have question on language overstriken regarding Council supervising undelegated powers from people. We supervise over annual budgets, demand changes and modifications, conditions of appropriations. This is a technical question.

He said technical question. Again, reiterate that the power not reserved by the people…if you look at compromise one, this legislation is just saying and starting to sound like broken record, the people have the power and with that they delegate through election for Delegates to change laws and policies. So in answering Delegate Phelps, that is what the referendum would do.

When will language be “itemized, spelled out” about limitation of power? What is that power? The authority to govern comes from Navajo people and so when will that be spelled out. That needs to be explained to the people and the council.

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