Council to hear from Navajo Youth Council

Here at Navajo Council Spring Session, Monday, April 16, and Council deliberating on proposed Council agenda, which consists of 30 bills that are asking for funding of capital improvement projects.

Council Delegate Seth Damon says while you were out advocating for Navajo Generating Station in Washington, D.C.,, during the Council’s Naabikiyati Committee’s meeting last Friday, the committee was asked to contact CPMD and have them rank all capital outlay projects. We were asking to ID which projects were in dire needs, such as Delegate Edmund Yazzie’s CIP request for veterans center, which is matched by New Mexico funds. So there was suppose to be recommendation and ranking of projects that have been vetted and project ready to go. Was that completed? Need to ID projects, there is $59M in CIP requests and only $10M available in Undesignated, Unreserved Fund Balance. Where is Executive Branch requests? There are some on Council agenda but are they coming from President Russell Begaye?

SPEAKER BATES as of this morning, we had problems with legislation.

DELEGATE DAMON i’m not talking about your legislation but 40 other legislation. Those are suppose to be ranked by CPMD. I’m not talking about Legislation 0116-18.

SPEAKER I’m talking with staff. And remember there was a power outage and lot of information was lost. So we can proceed in two ways – recess and find out what’s going on across the street.

DAMON just to let you know that power out about 5 p.m. and we were discussing this before approved agenda, during announcements. That was just a request to chair and I was chairing Naabik’iyati. And I directed staff and specifically asked staff if they understood Naabik’iyati request.

HALE add Navajo Youth Council report after President Begaye’s State of the Nation Address and before Speaker’s Quarterly Report.

DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE we have rules and let’s not blame the staff. i know its election time and we want to push all these projects. We have done this before for Navajo Youth Council to report on Day 2. And i want to hear from BIA about forest fire. Let’s dispense with campaigning and adopt agenda. Let’s move forward.


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