NAVAJO COUNCIL appears to be upset after Speaker Naize pushed through vote on proposed Energy Policy, which he sponsored, along with Delegates Roscoe Smith, Charles Damon II. ME THINKS that because Spaker was sponsor that he had a conflict of interest and he should have named a speaker pro temp.

And when Delegate Jonathan Nez took his legislation before Council, which was to refer a Referendum to the people, none of the Council Delegates would make a motion or second on Nez’s legislation which resulted in it being automatically withdrawn.

As Nez was leaving the sponsors’ box, he yelled with frustration that the Council should adjourn and many of the delegates agreed. But they moved onto Delegate Walter Phelps’ legislation 0212-13: Amending Title 2 and 21 to authorize the Navajo Nation Telecommunications Regulatory Commission to implemenjt and manage 911 emergency response system within the Navajo Nation.

Agent is Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Office Director Brian Tagabaugh (sp) and we are here to establish 911 system on reservation.

I hve been involved with 911 since employment NDOT and original orginator from then. This is first step of many steps for states to engage Federal Communications Commission for 911 system. Navajo 911 Program and equal to states’ 911 and states have various says to implement. NM is implemented by Dept of Finance. This would also continue work on Rural Addressing.

Cost is $3 million to hire pple for Rural Addressing and not include administrative costs.

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