Council approves amendments to Veterans Trust Fund

NAVAJO COUNCIL NOW ON LEGISLATION 0191-17: An Act Relating to Law and Order, Health, Education and Human Services, Budget and Finance, and Naabik’fyati’ Committees and the Navajo Nation Council; Approving Amendments to 12 I’I.J .N.C. § 1176 of the l’l.Javajo Nation Veterans Trust Fund SPONSOR: Honorable Seth Damon CO-SPONSOR: Honorable Kee Allen Begay, Jr. CO-SPONSOR: Honorable Tom Chee CO-SPONSOR: Honorable Amber Kanazbah Crotty CO-SPONSOR: Honorable Raymond Smith, Jr.
(m) Honorable Steven Begay (s) Honorable Davis Filfred (v)
10/31/ 2017 – Motion to Table No Longer than 30 Days; (M) Honorable Leonard Tsosie; (5) Honorable lee Jack, Sr.; (V) 11 in Favor, 08 Opposed (Speaker Bates Not Voting)
There is one (1) Pending Amendment (Amendment #2); (M) D. Witherspoon; (S) Steven Begay; Vote Pending
Amendment #2
Page 3, Lines 6-13, amend as follows:
A. FeIH +eR 75 percent (4 W 75%) of the interest earned annually a’/erage Fflarl(et val~e of the Fund eeveriAg IRe !’lasl IRree fiseal ‘(ears will be used as supplemental funding for programs and services to benefit veterans, as noted under § 1172 on an annual basis, The Fflarhet val~e af IRe Fund’s interest earned at the end of the previous audited fiscal year 12 El~arlers will be used to determine the average Fflarl(et val~e af IRe ~~A9 fer allowable expenditure (i.e, budget purposes). The excess of the Fund income over expenditures shall be reinvested in the Fund to cover the rate of inflation and to provide for reasonable Fund growth.
Page 3, Line 20, amend as follows: C. Of the feIH teA 75 percent (4 W 12%) of the Fund (Interest Earned Marl(el I,lal~e), ninety-five percent

SPONSOR DELEGATE SETH DAMON, thank you veterans for being patient. it’s almost year and thre months since bill created to work with controller, department of justice, office of president and vic epresident, chief legislative counsel, and educating everyone on what 0191-17 does.
started with recommendation from Delegate Raymond Smith for $3M on request from Commander Keyomie. i hae one topic of interest and amendment tabled cuz waiting for Delegate Tom Chee bill to clarifiy what is Earned Income and with Council’s override, i can say to you that want couple of documents distributed.
the overall continuance is to show Veterans Trust Fund continue grow and maintain purpose in assiting veterans with additional dollars for hoime improvement, food, stipends, emergency assistance. in Exhibit A, is what we presented to Naabi last year and at that time, Veterans Trust fund policies. the only thing eligible for veterans is earned interest. Exhibit B shows what has happened since override, which is that earned interest, other.
0191-17 clarifies how much available for veterans without violating law. and secondly helps notifing veterans that audit problems and spending more than what allowed.
passing out modified amendment that controller’s office, investment committee helped with. i asked for modification to current amendment cuz president issued numerous memos that we would defund veterans housing program. but working with council attorney to clarify that not touching veterans housing program as amendment that 2 percent set aside not being touched. only touching set aside that goes out to veterans.


DELEGATE DAMON gives an emotional thank you to Council and veterans. He notes that this legislation has been in the process for more than a year.


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