Coca Cola donates water purification machine

Here at Navajo Council’s Naabik’iyati Committee…

Naabi accepted report from Delegate LoRenzo Bates regarding proposed Navajo Nation Gaming Compact with New Mexico State. Naabi on Legislation 0006-14, which is accepting a donatoin of a Slingshot Water Purification Machine to Leup Chapter from Coca Cola.

We have been working with US EPA Region 9 on cleaning up water contaminated with uranium. We visited about six sites and they decided do project at Box Springs, near Grand Falls, that involved Slingshot Unit.

Representing Coca Cola. Project goes back several years. Dean Keanon created Slingshot Purification and used in South Africa and this will be first one in North America. Coca Cola said put 60 in North America and one at Leupp, which is part of Bennett Freeze area.

Report interesting. Why do we not hold federal government accountable? The water in Bennett Freeze tainted with arsenic and uranium. I’m also concerned about livestock getting contaminated because people eat livestock. I’m also concerned about how this device recharges, especially since our people haul water in large amounts.

For the past few years Navajo has been successful in obtaining grants to buy trucks to deliver clean area in Bennett Freeze area. Grant set to expire soon. Northern Az University also helped with studies of community that involves cows and sheep. Got $2.4 million to extend water lines. We really shud look at developing wells of impacted communities.

Indian health drills wells but in communities that have wells contaminated by arsenic and uranium and what do we do with them. We can’t transport contaminated materials. So how is Leupp going to transport contaminated water. And Indian Health Services says that’s why they encase contaminated wells. we have 24 hour system that runs at Shiprock fairgrounds and ranchers use. But we don’t have choice to get water for livestock so it is a critical issue to have good clean water for livestock.

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