Navajo government needs to support Navajo Gaming Compact

Here at Navajo Council Naabik’iyati Committee..

I have not received copy of proposed Navajo Gaming Compact and usually happens to keep some people in the dark. Some of us didn’t want to support this but we did in the name of unity. But you hurt unity by not keeping us informed. And you said you hired PR firm but the money you used is Navajo money. And some of us have communities on the NM portion of the Navajo Reservation and so we will be attending NM Legislature where we’ll be asked about Navajo Gaming Compact. And we don’t have information. We also should have meeting with our state legislatures so we can see their eyes. And whoever this PR firm is and lobbyist is, get them to meet with Delegates that want to meet with them.
Today, I hope you have copy of bill that was introduced to NM Compact Committee with all amendments. So I am asking you to redefine your efforts so successful. Last year, heard from President Shelly that “we’re done with this.” So hope this year’s efforts are successful cuz NM Gaming Compact expires and we might be forced to accept what we have to. If this not done by second week of NM legislative session then it’s not going to go before NM legislature. And the Navajo Gaming Compact wasn’t in Gov. Martinez’s message. Where was PR firm and lobbyist.
Those are my questions and concerns.

We should have all been at NM legislature.

I’m part of Gaming Subcommittee and the Navajo casinos were suppose to draw non-Navajo customers but the opposite has happened.
And those state legislatures that the Navajo pple elected are not speaking in favor of Navajo gaming compact. They came to Navajo voters and said they would speak for Navajo pple. but they aren’t.
And so to see Navajo gaming grow, we see smaller tribes put noose around necks of Navajo and this doesn’t happen just for gaming. And this is for revenue of future Council, economic development – the greater good. Don’t see it now but decade down the road.

15 in favor, 0 opposed

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