Coal mining noble job but provide alternative energy jobs

EPA taking break. Lot of pple still want to comment. Navajo coal miners from Peabody and Navajo workers from Navajo Generating Station here. They are concerned about their jobs and I understand that but when they identify themselves as Navajos, I feel that they are representing me. That is how I was taught. I’m saying that because the EPA moderator has had to tell them to be quiet. That he could hear them talking from where they wree sitting to where he was sitting at the front of the room. I can hear them and I can hear them laughing at people commenting in favor of EPA BART and against TWG. And their testimonies are full of anger instead of understanding. It’s also evident that as some of them read their statement that it is not their statement. NGS is using their workers and that’s so wrong!
EPA back on record.

Support EPA BART and know Navajo don’t like us spekaing for them but teacher is on rez. Commendable that you are proud of your job but better way to thank you is offer better job. Kids amazing but they ned motivation. They are no jobs. At least clean up planet and bring wind and solar so kids have future.
I had other ideas and what u do is hard work and noble profession.
I’m willing pay more for water and power.
U also blame Sierra Club and shut down coal plant and take jobs.
You shud lok at power plant owners.

resident of Az, came to listen and fins out proposed plans. After seeing so many dedicated activists and also interesting hear pple frm north. i stayed cuz of places like Grand Canyon,hiking to river with brother, spending time to northern Az and don’t see in Washington state or East. Find unique natural beauty.

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