Az residents prioritize clean air and energy

Self guided river runner in Grand Canyon and hike and expect cleanest air as can possibly make.
Putting coal fired power plant on Navajo and hiding from Phx is not progress. Other power plants are harming speical places. Five years adequate and reasonable deadline.
Support EPA BART.

enrolled Navajo and citizen of US and employed with Peabody for 39 years. i’ve benefited from coal mining and so has extended family.
we supply electricity that energizes CAP and PHx and other metros.
If NGS closes then increase costs to education, homeownership, etc and Phx businesses.
Navajo unemployment is so high that we seek employment here and we do lot of business here. Irrigation and farming people from here go to our rez to sell and we do business with Casa Grande, etc.
As Native American, the Navajo Nation heavily relies on these resources…also sequestration has impacted nation.
Continuation of NGS impt.

business man and long time Arizona resident, go to Grand Canyon and Petrified National Park and many other scenic areas. I support EPA BART. we hae been really blessed with phenominal state. Also blessed spend time on Navajo and Hopi and with Navajo families especially children. NOt speak for Navajo, listen to many side sof Navajo and many different prespectives.
Impt for Az to be healthy and scenic. Residents of Az prioritize environment and clean air.

THOT plants existed in Third World countries but don’t understand why EPA having hearings cuz EPA responsible for cleaning air and putting health for money. Who care about health, letz continue creting health conerns and time stop that kind of thinking and short sighted thinking.
EPA neds stand up and say enough is enough.
I put solar on roof and I don’t pay electric bills. Hope get to point not pay for coal, produce carbon emmissions from plants and affecting everyone globally.

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