Bill for $200,000 for Navajo Uranium Workers Office on Naabik’iyati Jan. 17 agenda

LEGISLATION 0435-17: An Action Relating to Health, Education and Human Services, Budget and Finance, Naabik’íyáti’ and Navajo Nation Council; Approving Supplemental Funding from the Unreserved, Undesignated Fund Balance in the Amount of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000.00) to the Navajo Nation Office of Navajo Uranium Workers to Make Repairs to the Existing Modular, which is sponsored by Navajo Nation Council Delegates Amber Kanazbah Crotty, Jonathan Hale, Nathaniel Brown, Nelson S BeGaye, Norman M. Begay, Otto Tso, and Tom Chee goes before the Naabik’iyati Committee Wednesday, Jan. 17.

The Navajo Council has final authority over 0435-17.

The Health, Education and Human Services Committee unanimously supported it.

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