Army and Dept of Defense have gone green

WE MSUT move beyound fossil fuel and stop digging into ground. the army and dept of defense has gone green. i’m not hippie but i have gone green. i earn army ASU uses solar. Power of sunshine is incredible. after all heard of wat old king coal has done, from TVA to Kentucky, blown up 400 mountain tops. Are we going to dig into Grand Canyon which is what doing with uranium. Many individual afraid to appear in military uniform to comment but after bicycling over 40 years to base, i see solar.

I rode bicycle here from Tempe. Focus make tonight is time perspective. NGS is one of dirtiest plant in nation and maybe world. And carbon dioxide stays in atmosphere for centuries for few thousand years. talking about cleaning it up but affecting future generations. this year measured 400 parts per million carbon in atmosphere and first time attained 400 million years ago. at that time no ice at either pole and slowly that will happen but take time.
for little perspective, history of humanity, agriculture dates back 400 million years ago and that is beyond human conception.

Climate change most concerning to human kind and coal fired is dirtiest and sorry anyone on Navajo take offense. we ned move forward and beyond coal.
Chinese city of millions shut down cuz pollution so thick, no one cud see.

surveyed Navajo Nation for endangered species. Once thot Class I protected air quality and other tribal lands and biodiversity and pple in homeland. seven power plant suround rez. two on Navja and produce 106,000 tons of NOx in 2011. five year delay is not in best interest of Navajo and Hopi and also not benefit Phx and Tucson. TWG does not reflect environmental justice. TWG relies on tribal govt authority and that undermines pple.
I support EPA BART and letting one unit close.
Thank EPA for protecting air and land. I’m depending on u to uphold rule.

hiker, RETIred and bot solar panels, impressed with SRP cuz thot understood dirty coal. surely they know about global warming and dirty coal pollutes air and water of their children, grandchildren, tourists, NGS workers.
Az state full of sunshine. Why don’t we embrace. Why is it so hard to stand up to greed. Today i ask EPA to approve EPA BART. NO DELAYS. Embrace alternative energy especially on Navajo and create alternative energy jobs on reservation.

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