$900,000 for Lupton, Chilchinbeto, Chichiltah…Mexican Springs?

Naabik’iyati Committee takes up LEGISLATION 0027-14, FOR $90,000 LUPTON CHAPTER ROOF REPAIR, $600,000 FOR cHILCHILTAH cHAPTER RENOVATION, $300,000 FOR cHILCHINBETO cHAPTER RENOVATION FOR A TOTAL OF $900,000. But as Legislation 0027-14 is being read into the record, there’s an appropriation for Mexican Springs Chapter, which was added by Delegate Mel Begay when Legislation 0027-14 was reviewed by the Budget and Finance Committee. Delegate Mel Begay is a B&F member.

DELEGATE KATHERINE BENALLY notes that the other chapters went thru the proper process and it’s not fair for Mexican Springs to be added at the B&F committee level.

As the Committee votes, the Committee finds out that it has lost a quorum. There are 10 Delegates on the floor.

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