VIDEO: Why museum hosted Navajo Generating Station Forum

Here is Part 1 and 2 of possible five or six parts of the NGS Forum at Northern Arizona Museum, Flagstaff on Nov. 20, 2013, which was hosted by NAM. Part 1 is Northern Arizona Museum President Robert G. Breunig explaining why the museum hosted a forum on NGS.

Part 1 is a short video but Breunig provides a good explanation. I transcribed most of his statement.

When people think about museums, they often think institutions that look at past or just look at past. And we do. We’re interested in various processes; the geological, biological, cultural processes that have shaped the Colorado Plateau over time.

We’re interested in how we came to be. But we’re also interested in where we’re going. We’re interested in not just the past but the future. And those processes that shaped this region over time that gave us the land and the cultures that we have now are still ongoing.

Our future is very much colored by our actions. So we at the museum are really interested in not just the past but the future so this is the first of a series of forums on the future of the Colorado Plateau.

This isn’t the only one. There’s going to be others and we want to look at different aspects of the Colorado Plateau.

But tonight we’re beginning with energy and we’re beginning with the Navajo Generating Station. I want to make it really clear that the Museum of Northern Az is not taking a position on the topic of tonight, which will be the agreement that the Technical Working Group has come up with for NGS.

We don’t have a position. What we’re seeking and what we hope you’re seeking is understanding. First of all what is the story with NGS. And what’s this agreement that we’ve been hearing about. What is it? What is it about? How did it come to be? Who was involved in it? And if it goes into effect, what are the implications of it? And how does it affect the future of our region?

Now we know that not everyone here is in agreement to say the least with everything that is going to be talked about tonight. But tonight’s program is called a forum. It’s a place where people can express their views, speak up and share their ideas and feelings. So we want to invite all of you to participate in the spirit of a forum.

But we’re going to begin by hearing about NGS and the agreement. And our moderator and first speaker is the man who for the last several years has facilitated the conversation among the participants. He’s an engineer with Pinyon Engineer. He’s a retired professor of engineering at Northern Az University. And a man with vast experience in energy policies and energy matters, William M. Auberle.


And here is web address for the video of William M. Auberle:

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