Veterans housing project for 1 year trial?

We can grab it before it goes to New York. Crazy interpretation by lawyers and now looking at second Trust Fund to raid.

This Veterans Trust Fund is just growing and growing. This was created to help with homes. It’s helping Investment managers. Let’s remove Trust Fund.

If voted against NAHASDA, can’t now say support veterans. That is largest source of housing instead of getting ourselves into mess. Don’t know where leadership and attorneys went. Navajo people didn’t send us here to loot Trust Funds.

We just passed Budget that says that 4 percent of projected tribal revenues goes into Veterans Trust Fund.

Concerned about supervisors and who is eligible. Legislation states that chapters select workers.

I didn’t attend last Western Agency Council but understand agency supported. Instead of three years, what about one year. Maybe if department under trial basis then would get homes completed. Otherwise, Navajo Veterans Office could say that it’s okay if not meet annual deadline cuz Council allowed unexpended veterans trust fund money to be carried over into next budget year.

i think that in the long run, when first initiated that this is the first effort for housing. it’s about time that something needs to happen, something needs to give. if skeptical and rediculing legislation, we have to take rish and look at benefits and look how agencies and office managing money.

i don’t see total expenditure of Veterans Trust Fund. This allows movement. How do we know if run well? Have to find out first. And maybe Council should only approve trial period of one year.

it seems like any legislation is not best supreme solution. at election time, it’s talked about during election year and on election day. when do we actually address needs of people.

point is, is that whole Veterans Trust Fund was created by Council. but we need to vote on it and give it a chance. And like baby learning to walk. Support.

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