Unsheltered Indigenous Peoples Rally Against Racism

PRESS RELEASE – Unsheltered Indigenous Peoples to Rally Against Racism & Racial Profiling in Flagstaff, Arizona

FLAGSTAFF, AZ — Unsheltered Indigenous community members are holding a rally to end racism and racial profiling in Flagstaff. They will share their experiences and calls to action.

In 2006 The National Coalition for the Homeless named the City of Flagstaff the 10th “meanest” city in the U.S. due to policies targeting the “homeless” or unsheltered population.

According to annual reports from the Flagstaff Police Department,the City of Flagstaff arrests an average of more than 3,000 Indigenous People every year yet only 7,000 Native people call Flagstaff their home.

What: Rally Against Racism & Racial Profiling

When: Saturday, March 24, at 12 PM

Where: Heritage Square, Flagstaff, Arizona


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