Speaker Naize: I hold speaker position as sacred

I have held the position of speaker in very high regards and very sacred. So let’s continue as one united body. I can say that I have a lot of pple that support me. There are pple that support me and they share the same thot I have. remember that there are delegates that have cooperated, particularly Delegate Raymond Joe. And rmmember that Delegate Joe didn’t have an attorney. And so these pple that are working against us, they took advantage of him. There was no one representing him.

and eveyeone of u that is sitting here. we work accroding to ke, clan and that means a lot to me.

so i like fo rus to go on with navjo nation business. we have other things to worry about. and this costs us money to meet. Thanks Spaker Pro Temp Edmund Yazzie for timeto speakeS

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