Resources & Development Committee passes Waiver for Coal mine buy

Vote is 2 in favor, 2 opposed so Resources & Development Committee Vice Chairperson Roscoe Smith says that this matter is very serious and needs to move forward to Naa’bik’iyati Committee and Council so vote yes.

FINAL VOTE BY RDC IS 3 in favor, 2 opposed which means that Legislation 0367-13 moves forward to Budget & Finance Committee, then Naa’bik’iyati Committee and finally Council which has FINAL say.

And after RDC adjourned, Delegate Leonard Tsosie asked if there was a Council Special session on Monday, Dec. 23. Speaker Naize’s chief of staff Jarvis Williams said that President Shelly asked for a special Council session which is his right under Navajo law and so the Council is meeting. And on their agenda and the only reason for the special Council session is LEGISLATion 0367-13.

Bates said that the Budget & Finance Committee is scheduled to meet before the Naa’bik’iyati Committee tomorrow and take action on LEGISLATION 0367-13 which B&F must do before Naabi can take action on it. And then LEGISLATION 0367-13 will be added to Naabi’s agenda and Naabi will take action on it so it can move to the Council’s special session on Monday, Dec. 23…

I am still hoping to get funding/donations for travel to Twin Arrows Casino & Resort, which is where B&F and Naabi will be meeting tomorrow. Twin Arrows is near Flagastaff and I’m in Window Rock.

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