Oil & Gas drilling along Buffalo Pass in Chuska Mountains

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The following information and photos were emailed to me by a concerned citizen of the Navajo Nation.

Lukachukai is a small remote community on the Navajo Nation. Buffalo Pass goes through the Chuska Mountains, which has breath-taking beauty. Many families use the mountains near Lukachukai as summer camps to take care of their livestock because the area’s weather is cool and the landscape is filled with trees and landscape. There also are wildlife living in the area.

According to the email, there is a very visible oil and gas well along Buffalo Pass in the Chuska Mountain.


There are no hazard signs. It is not fenced off and the lid on the tank is open. Anonymous source said, “So many violations!!!!”


According to one of the photos, Nacodoches Oil and Gas Company has a permit from the Navajo Nation to drill on the Lukachukai Mountains. The concerned citizen is calling for Nacohoches to be held accountable.


Navajo Nation Health, Education and Human Services Committee Chairperson and Council Delegate Jonathan Hale has called for the Council’s top committee, the Naabik’iyati Committee, to hold a public hearing on the oil and gas industry on the Navajo Nation.

Hale said he has been waiting for Speaker LoRenzo Bates to schedule the public hearing.

The focus on the oil and gas industry on the Navajo Nation resulted from anti-fracking legislation sponsored by Hale – Legislation.0121-16.Jonathan.Hale

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