Nuclear fuel chain and waste workshop

Here at International Film Festival at Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock, Ariz. Tomorrow is last day of festival, which is being live streamed at:


We have been invaded by Canadians’ conducting in-suti uranium mining in Black Hills. Processing up to million pounds of yellow cake annually. gotten them fined. We have draft statement. The uranium companies have holding ponds that are lined with black plastic which breaks. 18,000 gallons of contaminated water went into Squaw Creek from break in holding pond but no media coverage.

Started working on HRI issues in 2007 and helping Eastern Navajo Against Uranium Mining and no longer with them cuz focusing only on one issue. In Church Rock have two aquifers and URI wants to drill wells and inject sodium bicarbonate and other chemicals with water to loosen uranium from rock. Right after HRI present to Council, they don’t question. But when we present, they question and want proof so why can’t Navajo government pay for studies. URI now HRI and they are not financially stable.

ISL approval process brings questions of fairness to Indigenous people. Section 106 under attack by Mining Association. Actively lobbing to dismantle Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

One of things doing in Grand Canyon is working off 2007-08 congressional field hearing and start of process under Interior to withdraw over million acres of public lands and few acres of state land in south rim. North Rim has mining. more immediate threat was Canyon Mine which reached 3,000 feet and ready to process and bring ore to surface but court action by Havasupai who filed lawsuit to stop Canyon Mine to challenge Forest Service for allowing company to allow old plan. But it bought time so allow for public awareness and support. Havasupai concern was mining area connected to their land. From environmental justice side, if mining went forward, it wud have impacted Navajo chapters from Cameron, Tuba City, Tonalea, Cow Springs, Dennehotso, Mexican Water, Oljaito. Many of these communities have accumulation of contamination and this wud add more contamination. If drive area, you cud see Navajo directly impacted. Fortunately Navajo Council approved the Navajo Nation Uranium Ore Transportation Act, which allowed Council to block transportation.

The date for cleanup of uranium waste from nuclear power plant has been changed repeatedly. The latest date for solution to uranium waste was 2007 and that has come and gone which means that there is no safe solution. And so there shouldn’t be any more production of uranium waste.

I was wondering how we all work together to stop uranium mining.

WE all need proper education. And also when heard that URI was presenting to Navajo Council’s Resources & Development Committee, I wondered if they were getting proper information.

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